Welcome to the Home of the Jaguars

Mr. Michael Lazzareschi, Principal (Director) [email protected] 

 Mr. Darrell J. LuffBorough, Assistant Principal (Subdirector) [email protected] 
Mrs. Robin Sweezy Assistant Principal (Subdirectora) [email protected] 
Dr. Anthony Francisco, PhD, Director of Culture & Community Engagement (Director de Cultura y Compromiso Comunitario)
[email protected]

The mission of Joseph Jenks Middle School, is to promote a culturally diverse community of life-long learners, provide opportunities for ALL students to become effective communicators, and problem-solvers aspiring to the highest standards to succeed in today's society. Embedding the concentrations of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics to everyday learning; to inspire, challenge and engage students through an interdisciplinary approach with opportunities for research and exploration through project based learning.


  • Family Engagement Dates- Equipo de participación (Reuniones)

    Meeting Dates:  All will be held in the Library from 5:30 to 6:30 pm


    Family Engagement Events:

    Family Workshop Series "Student Success"


  • Free Academic Tutor - Tutoría Académica Gratuita

    Free Academic Tutoring

    The Pawtucket Public Library is offering a service called tutor.com to help students who need extra academic support.  Students connect to a live tutor for help in over 40 subjects for free with their Pawtucket Public Library card.  If you do not have a library card, contact Ms. Susan Reed at the Pawtucket Public Library at 401-725-3714  ext 202.

    To access this free service, click on this link: https://lhh.tutor.com/?ProgramGUID=e7f577c7-aee8-4fdf-8141-be570d726c6b


    Tutoría Académica Gratuita

    La Biblioteca Pública de Pawtucket ofrece un servicio llamado tutor.com para ayudar a los estudiantes que necesitan apoyo académico adicional. Los estudiantes se conectan a un tutor en vivo para obtener ayuda en más de 40 materias de forma gratuita con su tarjeta de la Biblioteca Pública de Pawtucket. 

    Si no tiene una tarjeta de la biblioteca, comuníquese con la Sra. Susan Reed en la Biblioteca Pública de Pawtucket al 401-725-3714 ext 202.

    Para acceder a este servicio gratuito, haga clic en este enlace: https://lhh.tutor.com/?ProgramGUID=e7f577c7-aee8-4fdf-8141-be570d726c6b



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  • Skyward

  • Absence Management

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  • Student Belongings Pick-up Schedule

    Schedule to pick up items that were left in lockers ONLY during the assigned pick up days.

    Parents and guardians will remain in their vehicle and the appropriate bag will be handed off.

    We will not collect chromebooks from all students - only from graduating seniors and students not returning to PSD. We will contact students not returning to PSD next year to collect their chromebooks on a student-by-student basis.

    Students will pick up belongings on the days designated below, based on their grade level and first letter of last name:

    Grade 8 - June 12.

    • A-M - 9:00 am - 11:00am.

    • N-Z - 11:30am - 1:30pm.

    Grade 7 - June 15.

    • A-M - 9:00 am - 11:00am.

    • N-Z - 11:30am - 1:30pm.

    Grade 6 - June 16.

    • A-M - 9:00 am - 11:00am.

    • N-Z - 11:30am - 1:30pm.


    Student Links

    • No Bully Pledge


      Here at Jenks, we are Jaguars 

      through and through. 

      We work hard and lead by example; 

      That is what we do. 

      We respect everyone- everywhere. 

      Everyday, this is true.

      But most of all, we do not bully...

      ...So why would YOU?


    • Yearbook Club needs you!

    • How to Open a Combination Lock

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    Red Team

    RED TEAM (8th Grade)

    Konstantina Sampalis: Math

    Marjorie Santos:  ELA

    Joanne Pontifice: Social Studies

    Pat Pezza: Science

    Kimberly Eudy: Special Educator

    Suzanne Feist: Special Educator

    White Team

     WHITE TEAM (7th Grade) 

    Paul Mendo:  Math

    Melanie Bertoldi: ELA

    David Girard:  Social Studies

    Mary Maloney: Science

    Andrea Pendleton: Special Educator

    Tracy Sousa: Special Educator

    Blue Team

    BLUE TEAM (ELL 7th Grade)

    Carlos Vieira: Math

    Kayleigh Lagasse: ELA

    Celestino Simao: Social Studies

    Maureen Stimpson: Science

    Lauren Rabbitt: Special Educator 

    Purple Team


    Joshua Lach: Math 

    Tag Tanalski: ELA

    Derrick Garforth:  Social Studies

    Lucia Merino: Science 

     Teri Pirolli: Special Educator

    Yellow Team


    Sandy Leclerc: Math

    Hayley Vanca: ELA

    Luca Rebussini: Social Studies

    June Stimson: Science

    Kaitlyn Desjarlais: Special Educator

    Pat Rocha: Special Educator


    Green Team

    GREEN TEAM (6th)

    Nicole DuPont: Math

    Stephanie Misiaszek: ELA

    Kayla Fleming: Science

    Cassandra King: Social Studies

    Debra Isabel: Special Educator



    Orange Team


    (6th/7th/8th Grades)

    Meghan Mahan

    Keri Bettencourt

    Specialized (7th and 8th)

    Melissa Grilli

    Robin Brodeur


    Nicole Emery

    Wayde Labossiere

    Ariana Barbosa

    Lisa Walas

    Sonya Rodriguez

    Diane LaPlante

    Jennifer Knox

    Lori Baltruchitis

    Alicia Garnett







    Susan Doss: Librarian

    Beltis Custals DeDespradel: Spanish

    Melissa Taurisano: Art

    Janet Daiber: Theatre

    George Correia: Music

    Adam Genest: Music

    Tammy Drape: Physical Education

    Harris Nachbar: Physical Education

    Ryan Long: Physical Education

    Tammy Drape: Physical Education

    Eliza Desrosiers: Math Intervention

    Susan Doss:   Media Center/Library

    Brittany Taylor: English Language Support


    Support Staff



    Paul O'Neill, Ann Boucher, Kyle Heaton: Facilities Management

    Officer Uve Sommer: Pawtucket Police


    Al Travassos: Guidance Counselor 

    Jill Rihani: Guidance Counselor 

    Mary Ellen Bowron: Clerk

    Linda Bienstock: Clerk

    Maura Boaragine: Nurse



    Polly Lehourites: Evaluation Team Leader

    Caitlin Fitzpatrick: Speech Therapist

    Joy Mitchell: Social Worker

    Suelem Rosalino: Social Worker

    Tanya Miyashiro-Silva: Psychologist

    Jeffrey Kafalas: Occupational Therapist

    Pam Bradley: Adaptive Physical Education

    Laura Lee: Physical Therapist

    Jen Rebelo: Physical Therapist


    Yiannis Noel: Teacher Assistant

    Geovanni Barros: Behavior Specialist


    Andrew Leveille: Teacher Facilitator of Learning