Welcome to the Home of the Jaguars

  • Jenks Administrative Team

    Mr. Michael Lazzareschi, Principal 

    Mr. Darrell J. LuffBorough, Assistant Principal

    Mrs. Robin Sweezy Assistant Principal


The mission of Joseph Jenks Middle School, is to promote a culturally diverse community of life-long learners, provide opportunities for ALL students to become effective communicators, and problem-solvers aspiring to the highest standards to succeed in today's society. Embedding the concentrations of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics to everyday learning; to inspire, challenge and engage students through an interdisciplinary approach with opportunities for research and exploration through project based learning.


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    May 9  USA Skates

Welcome to the home of the Jaguars

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    Here at Jenks, we are Jaguars 

    through and through. 

    We work hard and lead by example; 

    That is what we do. 

    We respect everyone- everywhere. 

    Everyday, this is true.

    But most of all, we do not bully...

    ...So why would YOU?


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Red Team

RED TEAM (7th Grade)

Konstantina Sampalis: Math

Marjorie Santos:  ELA

Joanne Pontifice: Social Studies

Erin Parker: Science

Kimberly Eudy: Special Educator

Suzanne Feist: Special Educator

White Team

 WHITE TEAM (8th Grade) 

Paul Mendo:  Math

Brian Bourbon: ELA

Derrick Garforth:  Social Studies

Mary Ackerman: Science

Andrea Pendleton: Special Educator

Tracy Sousa: Special Educator

Blue Team

BLUE TEAM (ELL 8th Grade)

Carlos Vieira: Math

Kayleigh Lagasse: ELA

Celestino Simao: Social Studies

Pat Pezza: Science

Lauren Rabbitt: Special Educator 

Yellow Team


Sandy Leclerc: Math

Hayley Vanca: ELA

Andrew Leveille: Social Studies

June Stimson: Science

Kaitlyn Desjarlais: Special Educator

Green Team


Nicole DuPont: Math

Stephanie Misiaszek: ELA

Kayla Fleming: Science

Luca Rebussini: Social Studies

Debra Isabel: Special Educator


Purple Team (ELL 7th)

Math: TBD 

Darla Hannagan: ELA

Nicole Nordquist:  Social Studies

Science: TBD 

 Teri StifanoSpecial Educator


Orange Team


(6th/7th/8th Grades)

Meghan Mahan

Keri Bettencourt

Specialized (7th and 8th)

Lisa Conti



Nicole Emery

Wayde Labossiere

Heather Ogilvie

Lisa Walas

Sonya Rodriguez

Diane LaPlante

Sara Quimby





Susan Doss: Librarian

Cristina Rosario: Spanish

Melissa Taurisano: Art

Janet Daiber: Theatre

George Correia: Music

Sharon Bowen: Technology

Tammy Drape: Physical Education

Harris Nachbar: Physical Education

Ryan Long: Physical Education

Tammy Drape: Physical Education

Catherine Salvadore: Literacy Intervention

Eliza Desrosiers: Math Intervention

Susan Doss:   Media Center/Library


Support Staff


Paul O'Neill, Ann Boucher, Kyle Heaton: Facilities Management

Officer Uve Sommer: Pawtucket Police


Al Travassos: Guidance Counselor 

Jill Rihani: Guidance Counselor 

Mary Ellen Bowron: Clerk

Diane LeBlanc: Clerk, JMW

Caitlin Fitzpatrick: Speech Therapist

Suelem Rosalino: Social Worker

Tanya Miyashiro-Silva: Psychologist

David Girard: Dean of Discipline

Yanis Noel: Behavior Specialist

Geovanni Barros: Behavior Specialist

Polly Lehourites: Evaluation Team Leader